Law Practice “Stanculescu, David and the Associates” provides juridical assistance in all the domains of law, being recommended by prestigious international companies in the field for services in penal law, tax law, business and commercial law, mergers, acquisitions/privatizations, litigations and international arbitrage, energy and natural resources, banking and finance law, etc.

Among the services that we are providing are the following:

Criminal Law

  • Counseling to foresee problems of a penal law nature;
  • Formulation of complaints before courts or prosecution;
  • Assistance and counseling during the stage of investigation;
  • Assistance and representation during the stage of judicial investigation.

Administrative Jurisdiction

  • Juridical assistance and representation, the elaboration of the initial complaints, contestations against the documents issued by the authorities of the public administration;
  • Juridical assistance and representation before court, the elaboration of the complaints against the documents issued by the authorities of the public administration.

Tax Law

  • Tax counseling;
  • Juridical assistance and representation in cases having as object VAT rebounds, contestations against the decisions of imposition issued by the tax authorities
  • Juridical assistance and representation before the General Direction for Fiscal Antifraud, as well as before its subordinated departments, during  supervisions/verifications.

Real Estate Law

Juridical assistance and representation in cases having as object: claims, restitutions (common law, Law no. 10/2001, Law no. 247/2005), evacuations, usucapions, delimitations of property boundaries, possessory actions, mortgages, other encumbrances, real estate acquisitions.

Work Law

  • Juridical assistance and representation in cases having as object contestations against dismissal decisions;
  • Negotiations, the elaboration  of individual work contracts;
  • Negotiations, the elaboration  of collective work contracts;
  • Negotiations and assistance in work conflicts;
  • The elaboration  of decisions;
  • Consultancy for patronages, unions.

International Commercial Law

  • International conventions applicable in Romania;
  • External commercial contracts in foreign languages with international circulation  (consultancy, negotiations, elaboration of documents, completions, modifications, terminations);
  • The activity of foreign commercial societies in Romania;
  • The activity of Romanian commercial societies abroad;
  • Juridical assistance for foreign investments in Romania and Romanian investments abroad.

Insolvency Law

  • The elaboration of documents, juridical representation and assistance in claims for opening the insolvency, bankruptcy or judiciary reorganization procedures;
  • Assistance for the cancelation of the fraudulent documents and for the elaboration of the creditors´ claims;
  • Assistance and consultancy adequate to the position of the clients – administrators, judicial liquidators, creditors, debtors, collateral beneficiaries – for the entire duration of the procedure of judiciary reorganization, liquidation or restructuring.

Execution Law

Representation and consultancy during all the stages of forced execution, in all the types of forced execution – foreclosure, forced execution for property and enforcement by seizure.

Business and Commercial Law

  • Commercial litigations –juridical assistance and representation as well in the stage of the negotiation of the litigation (mediation, direct conciliation), as before  court, during all the trial stages;
  • Debt collection – through direct conciliation or in court;
  • Commercial arbitrage;
  • Commercial contracts – consultancy, negotiations, elaboration of documents, completions, modifications, terminations;
  • Offences stipulated in commercial laws;
  • Legal audit– the analysis of contracts concluded by the company in terms of compliance with the legislation in the field and of the juridical implications regarding the rights and obligations of the client, concerning disputes under the conciliation phase or in court, as well as the functioning of Company, in terms of relevant legislation.

Intellectual Property Law

  • Copyright and connected rights;
  • Patents;
  • Fabrication and trademarks;
  • Industrial design.

We can represent your interests in the courts of law, during law enforcement and before the prosecution agencies: tribunals courts of justice, courts of appeal, the Higher Court of Cassation and Justice – the penal sections, all the Prosecutor’s Offices attached to the Law Courts, tribunals and courts of law, General Prosecutor’s Office, The National Direction for Anticorruption and the Direction for Organized Crime and Terrorism Investigation, the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police, police departments.